Get sizzling, it’s National BBQ Week

Get sizzling, it’s National BBQ Week

If your Best of Local box has arrived and you’re wondering what culinary delights to whip up this week, look no further than a sizzling spectacular to celebrate National BBQ Week. Now in its 24th year, the annual festival of the nation’s favourite summer cooking pastime is running from 24-31 May. And, in a rarely seen stroke of luck, it looks as though the British weather will remain glorious throughout! There really is no excuse not to dust off the BBQ, don that apron and get those coals lit. 

Five top tips for a great BBQ

1. Get the gear. Whether you prefer charcoal cooking for its traditional taste or gas for its simplicity, you’ll definitely need a set of suitable BBQ tools. A pair of long-handled tongs is a must for flipping and serving without risking burning yourself or dropping your efforts on the floor. If you’re serious about getting it spot on, a temperature probe is a good investment for outdoor cooking as you’ll be able to tell whether your meat has cooked through – a dilemma for every outdoor chef!

2. Inject some flavour. Marinating your food in advance makes it taste great and it grills much better too as the marinade helps to protect it from high grill temperatures. Make sure you shake off any excess before it hits the grill and you’ll be cooking to perfection in no time. 

3. Avoid the chill. Remove your meat from the fridge 20 minutes before you start cooking to bring it up to room temperature – if the meat is too cold when it hits the grill it could burn on the outside before it’s cooked through on the inside. 

4. Jazz up your sides. No barbeque is complete without a flavoursome and colourful selection of side dishes. How about trying one of our Creamline recipes, like this roasted Mediterranean vegetable couscous or this roasted sweet potato salad?

5. Be careful!  BBQs are supposed to be a relaxing festival of al fresco dining and there is nothing relaxing about setting your garden (or yourself!) on fire. Choose a position for your barbeque that’s within the safety of your own garden and on level ground, far away from hedges, fences and overhanging plants. Never use petrol or any other flammable liquid, only proper BBQ lighter fuel. If you’re cooking on gas and the grill doesn’t start immediately, turn it off, leave for a few minutes and try again. 

Happy barbequing! 

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