Celebrating your Deserving Doorsteps winners!

Celebrating your Deserving Doorsteps winners!

It’s with great joy and heartfelt warmth that we extend a huge congratulations to our Deserving Doorsteps winners. The stories we’ve have received from you, our community, have not only touched our hearts but also shown that community spirit and kindness and is thriving in Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who shared a nomination. Thanks to you, each winner is now receiving four deliveries of Creamline essentials from our milkmen, each worth £25, to give them a little boost and put a smile of their faces. From selfless neighbours to hardworking parents, here are some of the inspiring stories from this year’s Deserving Doorsteps winners…


Colin is my neighbour and he is constantly helping other people in our community. From putting bins out to fixing people’s computers and electrical equipment, helping to fix cars, helping to move furniture or lift heavy items and unblocking drains, Colin is the very essence of a Deserving Doorstep. It would be a lovely way to say thank you for being such a helpful, selfless neighbour.

Colin, nominated by Hannah

My niece Steph is a single mum with a 10-year-old son who has physical and learning disabilities. She copes so well with all the hospital and doctors appointments plus taking him to his special school. She does all this with a smile on her face.

Steph, nominated by Carolyn

She has had a really rough few months, facing eviction notices and struggling financially with a landlord who is constantly pressurising her. She struggles financially but will always put her 15-year-old daughter first. She may be struggling but she continues to teach her daughter and the children in her school that they should always be kind, no matter what challenges they may face.

Kelly, nominated by Mads

She had her third back operation on 12th December. She still worked, even crippled in pain, due to needing money and Christmas etc. A little gift will help her while she's off her feet and make her see she's not alone. She will do anything for anyone.

Lyndsey, nominated by Kelly

After years of this family's contribution and charitable support to the wider community, they have found themselves in a difficult situation in regard to health concerns. There have been months of hospital appointments and a life-saving operation. I cannot think of a more deserving family.

Mark and Sue, nominated by Deborah

Nothing is too much trouble. I need lots of support due to age and disability but I can always rely on my next door neighbour for help and support. Good neighbours are like gold at my stage of life.

Mandy, nominated by Lorraine

Margaret has had a difficult 18 months. She's so strong but she has been in a lot of pain and many times it has broken my heart and we've cried together but she keeps on going and always picks herself back up. I'd just like to do a little something to give a pick-me-up and a treat for an amazing lady.

Margaret, nominated by Kerri

Almost 80 and continues to shop weekly for neighbours and take relatives to visit family in hospital. Always willing to help his neighbours, whatever the problem.

David, nominated by Sue


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