April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers

The weather is warming up and at long last, it’s looking at lot more like Spring. It’s just in time too, as May Day celebrations have been starting in towns and villages the length and breadth of Britain. Traditionally celebrated in Britain on 1st May and on the first Sunday after it. In this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at the celebration and where it came from.

May Day History

May Day has its history in pagan Europe, when May Day was noted for its celebration of love and romance, with spring transitioning into summer and flowers coming into bloom. These celebrations were held in a range of different European nations, including what later became Britain, Germany and Italy. The festival took different forms in different areas but what it had in common was it was usually centred around singing and dancing; which leads us on to its most common form…

Dancing Around the Maypole

It might not be too difficult to guess where the traditional dance of Maypole is carried out! That’s right – around a Maypole! In the past, villagers would chop down young trees and stick them in the centre of their village, to celebrate the Summer that was soon to arrive. Villagers, both young and old, would practice singing and dancing around the pole in the weeks leading up to the celebration. This tradition came to include a ribbon being wrapped around the Maypole, often leaving intricate pattern.

  • If you’d like to visit a local May Day event, you can head down to Knutsford on 8th May where there will be a traditional Maypole dance and other events. See the website for more information.

May Day – Fun Facts

  • The biggest ever Maypole was said to have been in the Strand, in 1661, which stood at an impressive 143 feet high! It stood there until 1717, when it was used by Isaac Newton and Dutch astronomer Christopher Huygen to build a new type of reflecting telescope.

  • It was a tradition for girls to wash their faces in the early morning dew around May Day. This was thought to make them beautiful for the whole year!

  • Villagers across Britain used to believe that fairies could use special powers at the beginning of May.

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