3D Secure: making your Creamline card payments safer.

3D Secure: making your Creamline card payments safer. What do you need to do?

New banking regulations have recently been introduced to help protect you from fraudsters. This means that your bank or card provider may ask for an extra security check when you’re making an online card purchase with Creamline. To allow for these security checks, we will now be processing your payments using a system called 3D Secure, which we are now required to do by law.  

Banks and card providers have been rolling this out over the last couple of years so you may already have experienced this when shopping with some other online retailers. 

What are the new security checks?

Sometimes when you are making an online card payment to Creamline, your bank will ask you to verify that it is really you making the payment. This would normally be in the form of sending you a text with a one-time password or possibly asking you to log into your app to confirm a payment, for example. Your bank will determine how you are able to verify your payments so please check with them if you’re not sure what to do. 

Which payments could be affected?

Only one-off, online card payments are affected by this change so you may experience it when you manually top up your account or when you change your payment card and register it with us for the first time, for example. The repeat payments that Creamline take each week are not affected, as you have previously given us authorisation to request repeat payments from your card.

What will happen if I don’t verify my Creamline payment?

If your bank does not receive verification for your Creamline payment, they may decline your payment. If this happens we will be happy to take a one-off payment over the phone in order to process your order, if needed. This service is restricted to our office opening hours so we would recommend you check with your card provider as soon as possible so they can advise you of the reason for the declined payment.

How can I make sure it runs smoothly?

Our top tip here is to make sure that your card provider has the correct contact details for you. Please check that your phone number and email address are up to date so you receive any messages and notifications they send you. 

Further questions and information

If you have any further questions about how 3D Secure could affect your Creamline payments or you need to call us to make a payment, please get in touch with your depot customer service team who will be happy to help. 

Trafford 0161 873 0300 | Manchester (Foodservice) 0161 835 3311 | Stockport 0161 474 6900 | Warrington 01925 232 198 

You can read more about 3D Secure on the government website here

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