The Perfect Soya Cappuccino

The Perfect Soya Cappuccino

Follow this quick and easy five-step process to create a soya cappuccino that doesn’t split using The Good Company's fresh barista soya, now stocked as part of our Daily Essentials range.

A soya cappuccino is probably the best use of The Good Company’s fresh barista soya —it’s a perfect morning pick-me-up, whether that’s for lazy Sundays in bed, or a coffee break at work. We've mastered the art of creating a creamy and foamy cappuccino with The Good Company’s soya! This plant-based alternative has a lower fat content compared to whole cow's milk, which makes it sensitive to heat. However, when frothed, it's possible to achieve a delicious coffee thanks to the high protein levels in soya milk.

Here are the five key tricks and tips on how to create the perfect barista-style soya cappuccino from our friends over at The Good Company:

  1. Ensure the soya is cold, preferably straight from the fridge (adding a small ice cube if you have a foaming jug can help).
  2. Give the soya milk a good shake.
  3. When texturising the soya, be careful not to overheat it to avoid burning the milk.
  4. Keep the jug angled while gently warming the soya milk to prevent the formation of big bubbles.
  5. When pouring the soya into the espresso shot, do so very slowly.

Hey presto! You should now have a really delicious soya cappuccino with a subtle top note of vanilla, thanks to the natural flavoring in this plant-based milk alternative.

To make sure you have a perfectly crafted soya cappuccino every time, be sure to grab a bottle of this dairy-free delight by adding it to your next Daily Essentials order!


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