Some Hearty Recipes and More for Valentine’s Day

Some Hearty Recipes and More for Valentine’s Day

We’re not far off Valentine’s Day right now, so before you rush off to the shops to pick up that last minute novelty card that says “you’re my butter half” you should check out our Valentine’s facts and recipes below to make the day that extra bit special.

Who, What, Where?

The origins of Valentine’s Day are as mysterious as love itself. There are many different theories to how the day got started – so we’ve picked out the most recognised:

The day itself is named after Saint Valentine, thought to be a Roman priest from around 300AD. Emperor Claudius II, who was at the time ruling over the Roman empire, decided that married men made bad soldiers. As a result, he forbade any of his soldiers to get married. Saint Valentine, not being one to stick to the rules, thought nothing should get in the way of true romance and held secret weddings for soldiers.

When Emperor Claudius II found out about these secret weddings, in true Roman Emperor style – he did not take things lightly; sentencing Saint Valentine to death. Whilst held under lock and key awaiting his execution; St Valentine, being the true romantic he was, fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. Scheduled to be executed on 14th February, St Valentine wrote his beloved a long letter proclaiming his love that ended simply “from your Valentine” before he was taken to be killed.

Valentines Recipes

Whether you’re looking to impress a special person in your life, or planning to opt out and organise a get together with your friends instead, here are two recipes that are perfect for any dinner:

Lamb Hotpot – feast your eyes on this delicious hotpot: as if rich melted lamb slow cooked to perfection wasn’t enough, this recipe also includes strips of smoky bacon and a warming selection of vegetables.

Goats Cheese & Red Onion Quiche – this molten cheese delight will be sure to melt hearts (and possibly tongues too, please take care). The tang of the onions creates the perfect contrast with the soft, creamy cheese. Plus, whilst some may say that love can’t be rushed, this quiche can: at only 20 minutes cooking time, it’s perfect for today’s Casanova-on-the-go.

Valentine’s at Creamline

Keep in tune with our Twitter and Facebook accounts over Valentine’s Day; we’re going to be sending a few special messages out to mark the occasion. 

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