Make locally sourced food your New Year's Resolution

Make locally sourced food your New Year's Resolution

As 2015 gets underway, it's the ideal time to take stock of your lifestyle, and make a few changes - such as having milk delivered to your door, or eating more locally sourced food - that could improve your general sense of wellbeing.

Christmas is a time for tradition, and even once it is out of the way, the sense of family and community lingers well into the new year.

Having milk delivered is one way to hang on to this sense of community - that typically British image of the milkman leaving a pint or two at your door is one that spans the generations.

But in the modern age you can go beyond just having milk delivered; veg box deliveries can also bring grocery essentials to your door too.

Locally sourced food is better for the environment, as it clocks up fewer 'food miles' during delivery, and having it brought direct to your door can be even better still compared with driving to the shop for it.

And a regular delivery of grocery essentials means you should never run out of fresh ingredients, allowing you to cook fresh meals from your veg box delivery each week, for an improved diet and all-around wellbeing.

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