Kickstart December with Creamline’s must-try Christmas recipes and tips!

Kickstart December with Creamline’s must-try Christmas recipes and tips!

The Christmas month is finally here, and we’re here to launch you into the festive spirit with some mouthwatering recipes and culinary top tips that you may have never tried before.

Join us as we delve into a delicious side dish with our crispy parsnip croquettes recipe, top tips for creating the perfect Christmas Day breakfast (because it’s not just about Christmas dinner, you know!), and a showstopping and unique Norweigan Juleskinke recipe which local foodie blogger, HodgePodgeDays, crafted last year using a succulent gammon joint from our Christmas range – we had to bring it back because it was just too yummy! Let’s dive into festive feasting…


Crispy parsnip croquettes

Along with Brussels sprouts, parsnips are one of the most popular traditional vegetables that we love tucking into at Christmas, and there are plenty of ways you can experiment with them (although we do love classic honey-glazed parsnips too!). So, let’s begin with a delightful side or appetiser that will tantalise your taste buds - spicy parsnip croquettes.

This recipe combines the earthiness of parsnips, crisping them to golden perfection, with the creaminess of bechamel sauce to serve.

To bring this yummy appetiser to your Christmas table, we’ve put together a recipe that’s easy to follow and promises to impress your guests.

For the full recipe and step-by-step instructions, click here. Add locally sourced top-quality parsnips to your Creamline order by clicking here.


The ultimate Christmas breakfast

Christmas Day feasting starts with breakfast, and with the addition of breakfast bundles to our Christmas range, we’re here to help you start the day extra festive. The only question is, savoury or sweet? Here’s how you can create the ultimate breakfast spread that’s both savoury and sweet!

Begin your day with a breakfast classic that never fails to satisfy – sausage and bacon sandwiches! Here are some top tips to ensure your sarnie is nothing short of perfection…

Use top-quality ingredients: A top-notch sandwich starts with top-quality meat. Our savoury breakfast bundle comes with sausages and bacon from local butchers who know that great value can’t come at the expense of great quality. Sprinkle your sausages with dried sage before they hit the frying pan or oven for those festive flavours.

Perfectly cooked bacon: Achieve crispy bacon perfection by cooking it in the oven. Lay out the bacon strips on a baking sheet and bake until they reach your desired level of crispiness. Cooking your bacon in the oven over the frying pan also means you can multitask on other festive preparations while it’s crisping up, win-win!

Fresh accompaniments: Enhance your sandwiches with super fresh ingredients like sliced tomato, lettuce and a dollop of tangy ketchup. Freshness is key here!

To balance out the savouriness of bacon and sausage sandwiches, flaky pastries are a must-have treat for Christmas morning. Whether you love croissants, pains au chocolat or cinnamon whirls, here are some top tips to make sure they’re extra delicious…

Warm and fresh: Pastries are at their best after warming them in the oven for a few minutes.

Sweet pairings: Pastries need other sweet accompaniments on your breakfast bar! Bring out a selection of fresh fruit, honey and even a dusting of powdered sugar for an extra touch of sweetness


Shop our savoury, sweet and combo Christmas breakfast bundles by clicking here to make your morning preparations easy and tasty. Don’t forget to wash it all down with a refreshing glass of orange juice. Top up on glass-bottled orange juice from Daily Essentials by clicking here, and our milkmen will deliver all your goodies, including any extra milk, to your doorstep over the Christmas period.


Norwegian Juleskinke by HodgePodgeDays

Last year, local foodie blogger, HodgePodgeDays, brought out all the stops by crafted a traditional Norwegian Juleskinke using a Little Pigs’ gammon joint from our succulent roasts collection. We had to bring it back because it was simply so tasty and creative!

If you want to give this dish and go and add a Scandinavian flair to your festival feasting, find the full recipe and step-by-step instructions by heading over to her blog and clicking here.


Stayed tuned for more festive recipes and inspiration from us as we continue to share the magic of Christmas with you over the next few weeks. We wish you a December filled with plenty of delicious moments throughout the entire month!

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