Cream or jam first? Celebrating Cream Tea Day

Cream or jam first? Celebrating Cream Tea Day

Cream Tea Day is just around the corner next Friday, 30th June, marking our calendars each year on the last Friday of the month. This beloved British tradition has been cherished for centuries, and there’s no better time to enjoy cream tea than on a warm summer’s afternoon. In this blog, we’re paying homage to the much-loved British afternoon delicacy, delving into its history and how you can create the perfect cream tea experience at home. The big question is: jam or cream first?

If you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy cream tea, look no further than our Summer Cream Tea for Four special offer bundle, and enjoy a super saving. This bundle has everything you need: four freshly baked scones from Thatchers in Stockport, indulgent Clotton Hall clotted cream and a jar of Mrs Darlington’s strawberry jam.


The rich history of cream tea

The exact origins of cream are debated, but legend has it that it first emerged in the South West in the county of Devon. Unlike the more indulgent treat today, it was first customary to serve bread, clotted cream, and strawberry preserves alongside tea. Over time, bread was replaced by scones – a more solid base on which to spread lashings of clotted cream and jam!

It wasn’t until the 19th century that cream tea as we know it today – enjoyed as a social occasion to catch up with friends and family – began to take shape. During this time, the fashion for enjoying an afternoon of tea became prevalent among the upper classes and it quickly spread across the country and became a beloved tradition, particularly in the West Country.

We can’t talk about the history of cream tea without mentioning the debate over whether you should go for jam or cream first when topping your scone. In Devon, it is tradition to spread the clotted cream on the scone first and top it with strawberry jam. Over the border in Cornwall, however, the jam is spread first, followed by a dollop of scrumptious clotted cream. We’ll let you decide which side of the friendly rivalry you’re on!

Today, it can be said that cream tea remains an iconic part of British culinary heritage, enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Tearooms, cafes, hotels, and homes across the UK, provide the setting for the elegant experience of warm scones, clotted cream and delicious jams, served alongside a pot of freshly brewed tea. Whether you follow the Devonshire or Cornish method, cream tea continues to be a beloved tradition to celebrate the simple pleasures of good company and tasty treats... So how can you create the perfect afternoon of cream tea?


The perfect cream tea experience

You could argue that creating the perfect cream tea experience is an art, and we’re here to help you create yours.

Tea is the foundation of any cream tea experience. To fully immerse yourself, choose a variety of high-quality aromatic tea such as Worker Bee’s Royal Mill Black Tea, a high-grown Sri Lankan black tea that’s been mixed with the finest herbal ingredients selected for their natural sweetness. Brew the tea to golden perfection with your Creamline milk.


Next, warm up freshly baked scones from Thatchers, which have been carefully crafted with love and expertise. Whether you prefer plain or sultana scones, their buttery goodness is what makes them so delightful.

Now comes the essential ingredient: clotted cream. Clotton Hall’s luxuriously thick and velvety clotted cream, created from milk from free range cows in the heart of Cheshire, adds a heavenly touch to every bite. Spread a generous dollop on your scone and let it melt slightly into the warmth of the baked pastry.

Finally, crown your scones with a blob of strawberry jam to add a burst of fruity sweetness that balances the richness of the cream and scone. Mrs Darlington’s strawberry jam has been crafted to a traditional recipe that’s been enjoyed by families for decades and is simply delightful when added to your scone.


Enjoy Cream Tea Day with our special offer

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