Cooking the perfect lamb roast

Although we’ve seen all four seasons in one day here in Greater Manchester, spring is definitely in full swing! If you’re taking advantage of the latest lockdown easing and getting friends or family round for a garden roast, there’s only one thing for it: roast lamb.

We spoke to Didsbury’s Little Pigs Butchers to get their expert opinion on perfecting your joint. Here are their top tips:

1. When ordering your joint, allow for 200 – 250g of raw meat per person.

2. Always remove your meat from the fridge 30 minutes before cooking – cover and leave on the side until it reaches room temperature.

3. Preheat your oven to 200°C fan, but be sure to reduce the oven temperature straightaway to the below temperatures when you place your joint in the oven:

  • Rack (3-6 chops): sear then cook for 10-20 minutes at 170°C fan.
  • Saddle (stuffed): 10-20 minutes per 450g at 200°C fan.
  • Leg (boneless): 20-25 minutes per 450g at 200°C fan.
  • Leg (carvery): 20-25 minutes per 450g at 190°C fan.
  • Shoulder: 45-55 minutes per 450g at 160°C fan.

Don’t forget to rest your meat in a warm place before serving – Little Pigs recommend covering with foil and allowing the juices to be re-absorbed.

For the finishing flourishes to your roast, be sure to browse our Greengrocer section for freshly picked fruit & veg from Manchester’s Smithfield Market. And of course, no lamb roast is complete without Mrs Darlington’s Mint Sauce! Enjoy!

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