Appreciating our moovellous Creamline cows!

Appreciating our moovellous Creamline cows!

It’s a moomentous day in the Creamline calendar today: Cow Appreciation Day!

Every second Tuesday in July is dedicated to celebrating cows, and here at Creamline we certainly have a lot to thank them for, not least providing our customers with 50 million pints of milk each year.

It’s believed that Cow Appreciation Day was actually created as a marketing ploy by American chicken sandwich shop Chick-fil-A, who encouraged their customers to dress up like cows in exchange for free chicken - the idea being that cows would prefer people to eat more chicken and less beef!

Free chicken sandwiches and cow fancy dress aside, we think it’s only right we take a moment to appreciate our wonderful Creamline cows.

Freedom to Moove: our promise

At Creamline, the welfare of our cows is important to us, which is why we ensure all our cows’ milk comes with a 180-day Free to Roam promise. This means that when you choose Creamline milk, you know that the cows it came from have had the freedom to be outside for at least half the year.

What’s more, we believe that happy cows make for great-tasting milk! This is because cows that do not live healthy lives or endure stress, have a high somatic cell count which leads to milk tasting off-flavour: usually with an excessively bitter or salty taste.

So, when you choose Creamline, you know you are choosing the freshest milk from happy Cheshire cows.  




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