Joy & Andrew Wright

Reynolds Farm is home to Andrew and Joy Wright, proud dairy farmers based in the beautiful East Cheshire countryside.

Here they talk about why they first started working with Creamline, what life is like on the farm and the changes they’ve made in recent years.

Working with Creamline

We started working with Creamline in 2014 when another farmer mentioned they were working with them and recommended we get in touch. We’re really passionate about supporting local suppliers, so when Creamline announced their promise to source milk within a 30-mile radius from their Trafford headquarters, it seemed the perfect fit.

It’s a great feeling knowing that the milk we produce is actually used by local people, rather than travelling across the country.

Life at Reynolds Farm

Any farmer will tell you that no two days are the same. We have 175 cows at the farm, so for years we followed the routine of waking up at 6am for the morning milking and 4pm for the afternoon stint.

I help my husband Andrew with the cows, so it is all hands on deck when it comes to them, but I also look after the calves, which need feeding twice a day. It’s a job that I really like, perfect for making good use of your mothering instincts, and I get our two children Jack and Annabel to give me a helping hand.

Looking ahead

In the last couple of years we’ve invested in the farm and introduced a robotic milking system, which allows the herd to go out to pasture and return for milking as and when they want to, so they are completely free range.

It’s based on a collar system that opens the gate to the milking parlour and clocks when a cow hasn’t been milked. They get a serving of food each time they go to be milked, so the system stops some of our greedy cows from returning too soon.

It’s an exciting development for us. Andrew and his parents John and Margaret have been farming here for 25 years, so it feels like a positive step to introduce innovative methods that make sure the cows are happier and we can make best use of our time on the farm.