New Ann Forshaw’s Greek-style yogurts – with a spoonful of history!

New Ann Forshaw’s Greek-style yogurts – with a spoonful of history!

Hello, yogurt lovers! We’re excited to share that we’ve added a new selection of Ann Forshaw’s yogurts to our Best of Local range. Ann Forshaw’s farmhouse yogurts have been going down a treat for years, and the Lancashire-based Alston Dairy is here with a Greek-style spin to bring you a different flavour to enjoy. These low-fat and fat-free yogurts are not only tasty, but a nutritious snack to add to your day, with plenty of goodness sourced straight from their British Friesian cows.


Flavours to savour

Greek-Style Fat-Free Madagascan Vanilla Yogurt: Dive into the exotic flavour of Madagascan vanilla, blended into Ann’s Forshaw’s velvety yogurt.

Greek-Style Low-Fat Sicilian Lemon Yogurt: Add a zesty twist to your day – perfect for enjoying in the spring and summer time.

Greek-Style Fat-Free Honey Yogurt: Sweeten up snack time with the natural goodness of honey.

Greek-Style Fat-Free Strawberry Yogurt: There’s nothing more classic than a strawberry yogurt, and this one is made with real strawberries.


From cow to pot in 24 hours

Ann Forshaw yogurts have a rich history and the family have been nurturing their own herd of British Friesians for over 50 years, but they say it was “by chance” that they went into the dairy business. One February morning, Ann opened the post to find a leaflet advertising a one-day yogurt making course at Hutton College, Preston. This sparked a foray into dairy that, little did she know, would become a generational family business. Today, the Forshaw farm is operated by Ann’s son, Stephen, and his two sons, Stuart and Andrew. 100% of the milk that goes into their yogurts comes directly from their farm before it’s delivered to our depots – a win for low food miles too.


What’s more, the family put tons of love and care into raising their own herds of cows, and it’s something they’re very passionate about. Ann’s daughter-in-law, Ruth, treats the calves like her own, ensuring they’re happy and thriving year-round. In fact, they mention she’s regularly seen nipping over to the farm to check on them very late at night! As a family-run locally based business ourselves, it’s the family’s dedication and values which makes Ann Forshaw and Creamline a great match.


So, what are you waiting for? Discover the new Ann Forshaw Greek-style farmhouse yogurts, available with free delivery to your doorstep.


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