How to cook the perfect Christmas turkey crown

How to cook the perfect Christmas turkey crown

Christmas dinner is a time for gathering with your family and friends and sharing the love through delicious food. Undoubtedly, the turkey crown is often the star of the show we all look forward to tucking into on the big day. With celebrations just around the corner, we’ve called on our friends at local Didsbury butchers Little Pigs to share their top tips on how to cook the perfect turkey crown. This guide covers how to expertly roast your turkey and all the important timings, including how to know if it’s ready and how long to rest it.

Here’s how the experts do it…


The Roasting Rules

  • Allow 200-250g of raw meat per person
  • Remove your meat from the fridge an hour before cooking. Cover and leave on the side until your joint reaches room temperature.
  • Pre-heat your oven to 200°C fan / 400°F / Gas 6. When placing the turkey into the oven, reduce the oven temperature straight away to 190°C fan / 355°F / Gas 5. Cook for 20-25 minutes per 450g.
  • Baste your turkey regularly by spooning over the juices from the meat every 20 minutes. This will prevent your joint from drying out.
  • Always rest your meat in a warm place before serving. Cover with foil and allow the juices to be re-absorbed.


When is it ready?

The best way to check if your meat is ready is by using a probe thermometer.


Insert your probe thermometer into the centre of the thickest part of your meat. Poultry should always be fully cooked through, reaching a temperature of 75°C.


Alternatively check the colour of the juices flowing from the turkey breastbone and the centre of the thigh are clear.


Complete your roast with all the trimmings

When serving up your perfectly cooked turkey, make sure you’ve got all the trimmings you need to make it a Christmas remember. From fresh fruit and veg handpicked from local markets and a range of chutneys, jams and preserves to delectable sweet treats, beautifully crafted cheeses and Slattery chocolate for after the main course, we’ve got everything you need to make it a special Christmas. All our trimmings are available to order with free delivery up until Christmas Eve. Click here to explore the range and make your final orders.

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