Back to school special: Lunchboxes

Back to school special: Lunchboxes

We know how hard it is to keep a lunchbox balanced: especially when your children are often the ones pushing for treats to be included. Shocking stats in this week’s Guardian report shows that only 1.6% of lunchboxes meet with school canteens’ nutritional standards. Here we explore the latest research and how we can help banish back-to-school stress.


The study, carried out by Leeds University, found that only 20% of lunchboxes contained any salad or veg. They found that 60% had far too much sugar or salt in them – usually in the form of sugary drinks or savoury snacks.

Not All Doom and Gloom

Whilst it might make for depressing reading, the study isn’t all negative. Amongst the findings, it did highlight that an impressive 95% of all lunchboxes contain enough protein; a vital macronutrient for the development of children. They also found that 75% of lunchboxes hit the standard for vitamin C too.

There has been some progress made: in the ten years from 2006 to 2016, sugary drinks are found in less lunchboxes – falling from 61% to 46%.

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