Old Hag Ale & Mustard Cheese Truckle (200g)
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Old Hag Ale & Mustard Cheese Truckle (200g)

Created by the Cheshire Cheese Company, using mature medium cheddar and blended with local Wincle Beer Company's 'Old Hag' Porter Stout Ale, these delicious flavours are then added to wholegrain mustard to create a truly wonderful cheese.
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Nutritional Information
  • 32.0g Fat
  • 1.59g Salt
  • 0.75g Fibre
  • 1597kj/385kcal Energy
  • 0.23g Sugars
  • 23.0g Protein
  • 20.0g Saturates
  • 0.75g Carbohydrates
  • per 100g Nutrition units