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Four Seasons Cook Book

Four Seasons Cook Book

Price: £10.99

Introducing the Four Seasons Cookbook, brought to you by the nation’s favourite diary makers, Dairy Diary. We’re lucky to have four distinct seasons in the UK, and this cookbook is your guide to aligning your culinary adventures with the mood of the year.

The best of British seasonal food:

Our country’s diverse seasons bring us an array of ingredients that vary from one month to the next. From autumnal pumpkins to summer strawberries, this cookbook helps you keep your fridge full of food that’s fresher, tastier, and more nutritious thanks to low food miles.

Chapters that reflect the season

The Four Seasons Cookbook is thoughtfully organised into four seasonal chapters, each bursting with creative triple-tested recipes that help you make the most of the produce available. From hearty winter stews to refreshing summer salads, call on your Four Seasons Cookbook when you’re in the mood for an exciting or comforting recipe.

Useful tips

Discover valuable tips on planning, storing, and preparing seasonal ingredients. The cookbook also provides a helpful list of foods available during each season, so you know which produce to stock up on.