Felix Pouch Fish Selection (12 x 100g)

Felix Pouch Fish Selection (12 x 100g)

Price: £4.75

For fish-loving kitties, this Felix Pouch Fish Selection contains an assortment of combined catches to keep them happy and healthy, including: 3 saithe & sardine pouches, 3 salmon & trout pouches, 3 shrimp & plaice pouches and 3 tuna & code pouches - variety truly is the spice of life for your feline friend!

Specially formulated by vets and nutritionists, each pouch contains all the vitamins and minerals to meet 100% of youradult cat's daily needs.

Available with free delivery to your doorstep alongside your other essentials - no need for last minute dashes to the supermarket to stock up on cat food!


  • 0.045 Fat
  • 0.085 Protein