Oatmeal Shortbread (180g)
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Oatmeal, wheat (gluten), milk

Oatmeal Shortbread (180g)

The team at Your Piece has worked (and tasted!) tirelessly to perfect this tasty oatmeal shortbread. It is hand-made with no artificial additives, no preservatives and no hydrogenated fat. The result? A deliciously crunchy, light and delicate shortbread.
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Nutritional Information
  • 28.4g Fat
  • 0.0g Salt
  • 2.1g Fibre
  • 2153kj/516kcal Energy
  • 19.7g Sugars
  • 5.8g Protein
  • 66.6g Carbohydrates
  • 17.2g Saturated fat
  • per 100g Nutrition units