Medium Free Range Local Eggs (Barn) x 6

Medium Free Range Local Eggs (Barn) x 6

Price: £1.60

Please note: Our free-range eggs will temporarily be labelled as barn eggs.

Why the labelling change? Find out more 

Our free range medium eggs are packed with protein and a range of 18 difference vitamins & minerals. They're great scrambled, fried, boiled or in hundreds of other dishes and baked goods.

These eggs are produced by hens free to roam, with daytime access to the open-air, runs covered in vegetation and room to nest and perch indoors. 


Contains Eggs
  • 9.0g Fat
  • 0.4g Salt
  • 547kj/131kcal Energy
  • Trace Sugars
  • 12.6g Protein
  • Trace Carbohydrates
  • 2.5g Saturated fat
  • per 100g Nutrition units