Contacting Us

If it becomes essential for you to contact us, please understand that our team are doing their utmost to respond, but in these incredibly demanding times, we may not be able to answer all telephone calls. Our ability to respond to tickets in a reasonable time will be helped enormously, through this crisis, if they are only for urgent and essential questions.

Receiving a credit for undelivered items

If you haven’t received an item on your chosen delivery day, please only contact us from 3pm to arrange a credit. After finishing their delivery rounds in the morning, our team will be processing credits once they’ve returned to the depot and will update your account with details of the non-delivery. You should be able to view this on your calendar as "Delivered x 0".  If it is reading as "Delivered" with a positive quantity then it means you might be charged so that is the time to then get in touch. We’ll then issue a credit.  If it is still saying "Delivering" then the round is still out for delivery and the item may still be delivered up to about 1pm. 

Product availability

With our team of suppliers tackling the growth in demand, we’re in an ever changing landscape. Our out of stock items are constantly changing. If we haven’t delivered ordered items alongside your milk or other products, it is unfortunately most likely due to them being out of stock for that day.  If you’re unsure, please look at your online calendar view, to see if you have been charged.  If you have been incorrectly charged please contact us once the status of the product for the day is showing as "Delivered" with a quantity next to it as often the rounds person will have set the delivered quantity to zero already.  If not then please contact us.  Orders that are "Delivering" have not yet been confirmed by the rounds person back at depot and may still be delivered if before 1pm.

Priority products

We have placed a priority on items such as food and milk. If you have ordered items for your home and garden – such as compost or logs – we’ll make every effort to deliver them, but it may not be possible. If we are unable to deliver them, you won’t be charged.

Delivery times

As the number of households needing milk and other items have increased significantly, we aren’t always able to deliver as early as we did before the Covid-19 outbreak. We may also deliver Best of Local boxes separately to your milk order. Please bear with us, as we’re trying to deliver as quickly as we possibly can.  If you haven’t received your order by 1pm on your chosen delivery day, please then get in touch via our website.